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Smart Wine Chiller for Tech Savvy Wine Enthusiasts

Announcing FirstBuild’s new Wine Chiller featuring a smart integrated bottle management system, enabled by RF Digital’s Simblee™ connectivity and development ecosystem. The new product will be demonstrated for the first time publicly at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Take a quick sneak peek at the FirstBuild Wine Chiller’s capabilities and features.

“As a passionate wine collector, I always wanted a storage solution which would automatically keep inventory records, making it smart, simple, and more convenient,” says L. Srinivasan, GE Appliances E-services manager. “What started as an idea from a wine lover in the GE Appliances community rapidly became a functional design leveraging Simblee, and was being manufactured in FirstBuild’s microfactory in Louisville, KY.”

“FirstBuild’s chiller is an exciting new product for wine enthusiasts and represents a major step forward in functionality,” says Dr. Erik Volkerink, Chief Executive Officer of RF Digital and Chief Business Officer of Heptagon. “It is great to see our solution being used to create a compelling product in only a few months rather than years and helping our customers to be more competitive.”

The chiller was designed and prototyped through the use of a collaborative open innovation process in conjunction with RF Digital’s team, a Heptagon company and FirstBuild™, a subsidiary of GE Appliances, a Haier company. It incorporates the unique Simblee technology and product development methodology, that facilitates an easy path from rapid prototyping to mass production.

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