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BACtrack Skyn, the World’s First Wearable Alcohol Monitor – The Edgelands
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BACtrack Skyn, the World’s First Wearable Alcohol Monitor

BACtrack reinvents the way people track their alcohol consumption. Glance at your wrist and learn your approximate alcohol level in near real-time.

Wear BACtrack Skyn, either integrated into an Apple Watch band or as a standalone wearable, and continuously track your alcohol level in near real-time. With an app that syncs with either device, you get powerful, actionable data. For instance, get a notification when your alcohol level is increasing to remind you to slow down or stop drinking. Best of all, this breakthrough in alcohol testing is effortless — the device passively tracks your alcohol level; there’s no need to use a breathalyzer.

BACtrack has two new working prototypes:

  • A band for Apple Watch. A user can simply glance at his or her watch to learn their approximate alcohol level in near real-time. This first-of-its-kind design was created to make BACtrack Skyn even easier for people to wear and integrate into their daily lives.
  • A standalone wearable device. This is worn on a user’s wrist and syncs with the BACtrack Skyn app on a user’s smartphone.

“We’re excited to introduce a breakthrough innovation in alcohol monitoring, making it simple for people to track their alcohol level — passively, accurately and near real-time. We’re thrilled to finally share these devices, which have been in development for more than two years” said Keith Nothacker, President and CEO of BACtrack.

Both BACtrack Skyn prototypes work the same way — they measure the small amounts of alcohol, or ethanol molecules, excreted through the skin; this measure is Transdermal Alcohol Content or TAC. Unlike a breathalyzer test, which provides a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) estimate at a given point time, a TAC measurement is continuous – the estimated alcohol level is just there on one’s wrist, continuously.

BACtrack is working on a proprietary algorithm that converts measured TAC to an estimated BAC, the metric with which most people are already familiar (0.08% BAC is the legal driving limit).

BACtrack Skyn has the potential to have an enormous impact on health and safety on both an individual and societal level. Every year, more than 10,000 Americans die in alcohol-related auto accidents. Globally, 3.3 million deaths – 5.9% of all deaths – are attributable to alcohol. Without a doubt, alcohol consumption is an issue of enormous consequence globally. This is the reason BACtrack has worked hard to make BACtrack Skyn a low-cost, easy to use, and attractive technology.

Individuals curious about their alcohol consumption and those wanting to drink in moderation or ensure they’re safe to drive are among those that will benefit from BACtrack Skyn. Using an objective measurement tool to track alcohol consumption will ultimately lead to fewer instances of impaired driving and greater insight when it comes to drinking.

Additionally, with over 16 million individuals in the in the U.S. suffering from a clinically defined Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), BACtrack Skyn is a game changer for sobriety monitoring, a service that’s currently expensive and intrusive. An individual can gain peace of mind knowing a family member’s BAC level remains at 0.00% remotely and in near real-time; alternately, a user can easily track their own sobriety and share results with others.


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