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Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Shows Off Fifth Super Bowl Ring in Shields Health Care Group TV Ad

Brady filmed alternate ending to earlier spot directed by Bobby Farrelly

Shields Health Care Group (Shields) today announced that a television advertisement featuring New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and his fifth Super Bowl ring will begin airing across New England.

The 30-second spot is a sequel to an ad featuring Brady that started running in October, with an exciting new ending that includes a reference to Brady’s fifth Super Bowl ring. The commercial was directed by Bobby Farrelly of the Farrelly brothers, the writer and director of many well-known Hollywood comedies and an ardent Patriots fan. Brady and Farrelly filmed both the original advertisement for Shields and the alternate ending in September.

“With Tom Brady and the Patriots we had a feeling the season would come to a thrilling end, and we sure are glad to have filmed the new ending,” said Shields Health Care Group CEO Tom Shields. “We couldn’t be prouder to partner with Tom Brady – now a five-time Super Bowl champion – and we are privileged Tom chose Shields as one of his only local endorsements in recent years.”

The ad features Brady in a Shields facility lobby being asked to remove any jewelry he may have on – a familiar experience for people getting MRIs. Brady proceeds to remove his four Super Bowl rings and when asked if there is anything else, he pulls a fifth ring noting that “He forgot this one. It’s kinda new.”

Shields has been the official MRI provider of the Patriots for the past 15 years. The endorsement is one of few that Brady has ever done for a locally-owned business and the advertisements will run strictly in New England media markets. When the campaign launched in October, Brady said of Shields, “I have been extremely fortunate over the years to be surrounded by professionals of the highest quality – the best coaches, teammates and trainers. And my approach to health care is no different – I want the best there is. Shields MRI has been a great partner for me over the years because they provide exceptional service.”

The advertisements will first appear immediately after the Super Bowl win and will run in New England TV markets during local sporting events, as well as other times.

Fifth Ring Ad: Shields Health Care Group TV Ad Featuring Tom Brady
Original Ad: Shields Health Care Group TV Ad Featuring Tom Brady

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Shields Health Care Group provides MRI, PET/CT, and Radiation Oncology services to patients at more than 30 locations in New England. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, provider expertise, and affordability, Shields prioritizes the patient experience above all. Shields offers high-field open-bore MRI machines that allow for greater patient comfort while maintaining clear images. Additional services include MR arthrogram and breast MRI, as well as Shields ProCare, an imaging medical equipment maintenance and service company. All Shields locations are ACR accredited. A family-owned and operated business, Shields offers the largest and most technically advanced network of medical imaging and diagnostic treatment facilities in New England.


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